Microzone adjustments

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Microzone adjustments

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Hi Joel,

I have a suggestion about the panel's micro zone adjustment section. It is kinda annoying that whenever I would activate a zone, I get the warning message. Also I sometimes activate more than one zones and after I'm done I need to check on channels, if I have left any of them activated. These are nothing too horrible, but could be more comfortable. You could add buttons for each zone (like on the Pro Tools tab), a single click would activate the zone (without the warning message) and whenever a zone is activated, the button would get highlighted. Another button for "Deactivate All" would be useful too. If my idea is not feasible, at least the warning message could be dropped.

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Re: Microzone adjustments

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We will surely consider this change. There are many other smaller things that we want to update and we're trying to do this together with the transition to the UXP platform. But as you might have read somewhere else in this forum, not everything works just yet on the UXP platform.

Joel Tjintjelaar - admin/owner
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