Quick masking issue

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Quick masking issue

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I have been trying to mask a landscape image with a simple tree and grassed hill set against a contrasted sky. The base mask selections appear very close (Low mid1) to the mask I want but when I try to refine the mask with the advanced Low Key1 the grass eventually bleeds into the sky before I can get to values for the "final contrast refine keys". I have tried several different methods/approaches using different base and advanced masks and I always end up with a savage hallow after very minimal curves adjustment. I should mention that I'm testing the mask with the colour image and a curves adjustment layer to test the result of the mask. Would it be something to do with the image is only a 24meg file from my camera? Could this be giving me the issue or is it still operator error?

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Re: Quick masking issue

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It's impossible for me to say something about this without seeing the original image, and the masks. But it has nothing to do with the number of pixels you have available.

Having said this: trying to get a mask exactly right just by masking it, without halos around something translucent and intricate such as grass, is nearly impossible. It's always a matter of optimization and refining the mask in such cases.
Have you seen the Quick Mask video on Youtube? If not, I highly recommend it. But I believe that in all of my videos on Youtube I state that every mask needs to be refined. Either through the panel (very generic) or manually (preferable).

My advanced masking video gives you even more insight into masking and refining masks in general but that video has less to do with the QMP panel.

If possible, please add some screenshots if you need a more concrete response. It's not a panel issue though, it's a generic masking issue.

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Re: Quick masking issue

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