application for bypass ReCaptcha captcha

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application for bypass ReCaptcha captcha

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XEvil 5.0 automatically solve most kind of captchas,
Including such type of captchas: ReCaptcha-2, ReCaptcha v.3, Hotmail (Microsoft), Google, Solve Media, BitcoinFaucet, Steam, +12k

+ hCaptcha supported in new XEvil 6.0!
XEvil 6.0: multithreading solving of thousands hCaptcha simultaneously!

1.) Fast, easy, precisionly
XEvil is the fastest captcha killer in the world. Its has no solving limits, no threads number limits
you can solve even captchas per day and it will cost 0 (ZERO) USD! Just buy license for 59 USD and all!
[[ Buy XEvil Just for 59 USD! ]]

2.) Several APIs support
XEvil supports more than 6 different, worldwide known API:, anti-captcha (antigate),, death-by-captcha, etc.
just send your captcha via HTTP request, as you can send into any of that service - and XEvil will solve your captcha!
So, XEvil is compatible with hundreds of applications for SEO/SMM/password recovery/parsing/posting/clicking/cryptocurrency/etc.

3.) Useful support and manuals
After purchase, you got access to a private forum, Wiki, Skype/Telegram online support
Developers will train XEvil to your type of captcha for FREE and very fast - just send them examples

4.) How to get free trial use of XEvil full version?
- Try to search in Google "Home of XEvil"
- you will find IPs with opened port 80 of XEvil users (click on any IP to ensure)
- try to send your captcha via 2captcha API ino one of that IPs
- if you got BAD KEY error, just tru another IP
- enjoy! :)
- (its not work for hCaptcha!)

WARNING: Free XEvil DEMO does NOT support ReCaptcha, hCaptcha and most other types of captcha!

P.S. In the latest update of XEvil 6.0 was added 16 types of hCaptcha tasks also:
- bird
- canine
- dog with a collar on its neck
- female lion
- lion with a closed mouth
- lion with an open mouth
- lion with closed eyes
- lion with mane on its neck
- lion with open eyes
- parrot
- baby cat
- cat with short hair
- cat with thick fur
- horse facing to the left
- horse facing to the right
- horse with white legs

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