French Tulips

You can show off your work with the panel here. Mind the file size please.
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French Tulips

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Let me kick off this gallery as the admin/owner of this forum and designer/developer of this panel by posting this photo. This photo is processed with an early version of B&W Artisan Pro. The photo is taken with a 100 Mp Phase One Achromatic. In other words, the RAW file is B&W and contains no colors. Where most software and processing methods use the color information to do a conversion to B&W and also the subsequent adjustments are often initiated by using color information in the RAW file (PS>B&W>Color sliders), this obviously cannot be done with a native B&W image. The B&W Artisan Pro panel is completely color independent for B&W conversions and adjustments and will therefore work on both native color and native B&W images (other than native digital B&W, obviously also scanned B&W film negatives). This photo is an example of that type of color independent processing.

Workflow: RAW export from Capture One to PS CC > create mask of flower and vase >Artisan Pro > no conversion > Global Contrast - Low Key on background (remove contrast and darken) > Creating Depth Bottom to Top Dark and Top to Bottom Dark > Global Contrast - Low Key on Vase (darken and remove contrast) > Creating Depth on Vase left to Right and Right to Left small Darken > various Micro Zones contrast adjustments on flower
French Tulips P1, No 1, 2018. (c) Joel Tjintjelaar
French Tulips P1, No 1, 2018. (c) Joel Tjintjelaar
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Re: French Tulips

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Simply stunning
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