I don't see the panel in Photoshop

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Re: I don't see the panel in Photoshop

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Manuel Bóo wrote: Sat May 01, 2021 8:56 am I've done everything you say and it still doesn't show up in Photoshop.
Can you show me some screenshots of the panel in the folder as it's installed by the automatic installer? Perhaps the easiest way is to just reinstall the panel using the automatic installer. Make sure you're using the correct installer and that PS is closed when installing. Up till now I've never encountered any issues with installing QMP other than forgetting to check the necessary boxes.
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Re: I don't see the panel in Photoshop

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I have the same problem, tried to install the BW Artisan Pro X panel, in Windows installer and even manually, but I can't find the solution.
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